Friday, August 29, 2008

I've moved

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Egg Frittata Muffins

Last night PB decided to drive here so he could miss today's Labor Day traffic. Even though he wasn't going to arrive until 1 AM, I was so excited I couldn't sleep, so what did I do? Cook, of course! (Well, after vacuuming and polishing my floors and rearranging furniture).

My inspiration was the "savory turkey bacon egg white mini quiches" I saw on a few weeks ago. Caitlin has a great concept here.. throw a hodge podge of your favorite egg ingredients into muffin tins and end up with a delicious, healthy, and BEAUTIFUL meal. ohh and it was SO easy! I picture myself making these for my next brunch for sure!

Here's my version:

Egg Frittata Muffins
Serves 2
Calories/serving: 269


4 Eggs
2 Egg Whites
1 ugly garden tomato, diced
4 big basil leaves, chopped
2 oz goat cheese

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Spray muffin tin with nonstick cooking spray.
2. Beat your eggs + egg whites in a medium size bowl (add a little water or milk to make them fluffier)
3. Add the tomatoes and basil leaves and mix together.
4. Fill each muffin tin 2/3 of the way up.
5. Sprinkle goat cheese over the top of each muffin.
6. Bake at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes, and then broil for 2-5 minutes until the cheese is nice and golden brown.

My version made 8 muffins. I wanted a big protein punch since this is our lunch for today and I know we aren't having any protein at dinner (it's homemade pizza Friday!). If I were to do it for a normal lunch I would probably have used a little milk instead of the extra 2 egg whites.

I just heated this up for 1 minute in the microwave and they were to die for. Also, like Caitlin mentioned in her post here, the possible combinations are endless!

Next time I would use a little shredded mozzarella on top, but I didn't have any on hand.


Thursday, August 28, 2008

My banana bread is sad.

This is what happens when you get too excited over banana bread and don't let it cool in the pan first:

And this is the solution to lots of smooshy banana bread chunks... just add fresh peaches + vanilla ice cream:

And if you're wondering why this picture is blurry, it's because I only use my iphone now for blogarific pics, sorryyy.

Feeling penguiny

I miss PB SO. MUCH. right now. I can't even stand it. Last time we saw each other was our engagement party TWO stinkin' weeks ago! And that weekend was filled with family, friends, and the celebration of US so obviously I am feeling so very loving after all that. I can't wait for tonight or tomorrow when he gets here!!!!!!!!!!!

Things I am loving about PB today:

1. that the Buena Vista Social Club album reminds me of him even though we've never listened to it together. He always tells me about this one job during his DJ Trig days where he played the whole album from start to finish during a dinner.

2. that he doesn't get mad when I use my funny voices the entire time we are on the phone!

3. that he is working super hard today so that maybe, just maybe, he can come here tonight and work from my office tomorrow. That would be so super fantastic.

4. That he makes kick @ss pizza dough, and is experimenting with adding whole wheat flour to make it more Rhodeygirl friendly.

5. that he often sends me pics of his meals, just to show me a. how good they are and b. how good he is taking care of himself (no fried foods on his plate!).

6. that he loves me so much!!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I am so obsessed


mr. and mrs. luggage tags (hello HONEYMOON)

mr. and mrs. beach towels. (so CUTE- it is a towel for two, no joke)

just got married bathing suit (where can i find a classy one?!?!)

I saw Mindy Weiss' new store products in the $10 wedding magazine I bought for no reason last night... well the pictures were just so pretty!


I am total getting sucked down the dark hole of the wedding industry.. SAVVVVEEE MEEEE!

The Week of Parties

Party 1: V's baby shower. made cupcakes
Party 2: Girls' night (with my high school friends)
Party 3: Tonight, 2 of my best friends coming over for dinner.

Parties 1 & 2: Completed.

Having my high school friends over for dinner was loads of fun, and not too much work either.

Here was the menu:

Sea salt pita chips + store bought hummus

Grilled chicken
Grilled eggplant
Steamed zucchini
Baked fries
Pasta with fresh mozzarella and garden tomatoes

Little dollops of ice cream with peaches soaked in wine and a bit of sugar

It was really simple to put together because I did almost everything the day before. Pick up the ingredients from the market, marinate the chicken and veggies, clean the house, cut up the peaches to marinate, and set the table. Then when I got home from work the day of all I had to do was cut up the potatoes, fire up my amaaazing panino maker (read: indoor grill! thanks PB!!!), bake the fries and zucchini, cut up the mozzarella and tomatoes, and cook the pasta.

The tricks to a successful party are simple:
1. Plan ahead. Start thinking about your menu a couple of days ahead.
2. Prepare as much as possible the day before. That means going to the market, making sure your house is in tip top shape, setting up the table, and prepping the foods that can be prepped.
3. Clean up as you go along. This makes the cleanup at the end of a party so easy and fast. And with an open kitchen like mine, I NEED that area to stay clean!
4. Marinate your veggies and meats from the day before. I swear that food just tastes SO MUCH BETTER when it has had the proper amount of time to marinate.

My simple dinner table:

The eggplant on my panino maker. I cooked the pasta and cut up the mozzarella and tomatoes while this grilled.

The main meal all set up on my platter:

Close up of the zucchini:

Close up of the pasta:

The peaches (the vanilla ice cream is hiding at the bottom):

PB- jealous?

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Market Shopping Week #3

I imposed a weekly budget for myself at the supermarket. I really could spend more, but I really want to try and not be wasteful. So the goal is to reduce my spending as much as possible while keeping my cabinets more empty (instead of say, 3 open boxes of kashi crackers) and using up everything I buy.

I only could Monday breakfast through Friday lunch as my weekly budget, since I can never anticipate what my weekend will be like... dinner out, going to Philly to see my boy, wedding meetings in prov which = weekend lunches out, you get the idea.

Week #1 I spent $20, and used a lot of the stuff in my cabinets
Week #2 I spent $30, which included nothing too expensive, I guess I just bought more.
Week #3 I spent, er, $70!!!!! I couldn't believe it. And, I went back last night for a couple of forgotten items and a new mop which I never should have bought from the market, and spent another $30. Ew.

Here's why I think I spent more:
1. I made those cupcakes on Sunday which required a few $$ items that I don't normally stock in my kitchen
2. I had 5 girls over for dinner last night, and I really wanted to cook a nice, fresh, healthy meal.
3. I bought a bunch of Smartwaters, which is my beverage of choice at work, along with hot tea and seltzer water. I tried using a reusable water bottle but the water just tastes funny to me, even in one of those Sigg ones. At home I drink out of my Brita.
4. The blackberries were $4.99 a pint, but they just looked so amazing so I bought 2.
5. I bought a stupid mop from the market since Target and the other good stores are like 20 minutes away and I was really excited to polish my floors.
6. I went to the market hungry. 'nuff said.
7. My PhillyBoy is coming this weekend and I must have yummy goodies for him! Wraps and lettuce and cheese and veggies.. all of his favs

Is anyone else as inconsistent in how much they spend/week?

Sunday, August 24, 2008

The cupcakes were a total success!

It doesn't take a lot to make a simple recipe looks gorgeous and fun (and like it took forever to do...). I took one of Giada's strawberry mascarpone filled cupcakes and tweaked it for my own needs, since my pregnant friend is allergic to strawberries.

I subbed blackberries + raspberries for the strawberries, made the cupcakes from scratch instead of from a box, and used store bought frosting instead of the lemony icing since I wanted to decorate the cupcakes! V is having a boy so making little oceans with a rubber ducky on each one was so perfect.. But, I'll let the pictures speak for themselves...

The cupcakes going into the oven:

The filling ingredients, which I made while the cupcakes cooled:

The cupcakes filled (some of them overflowed. The trick is to be VERY GENTLE when filling the cupcakes through the bottom with a pastry tip):

The decorated cupcakes in my new cupcake caddy! Just have fun with a pastry tip + ziplock bag acting as a pastry bag:

The finished product, all set up at V's house before her shower:

My friend's half eaten cupcake. See the yummy creamy center?

And, just for fun... my matching gifts! I wrapped the high chair in a ducky bag, and then put lots of little gifts in her baby tub and wrapped them in cellophane!

You don't need to be a trained pastry chef to make an impact. Just have fun, and think creatively, and your baking project will be a success!! I only wish I had saved a cupcake for myself....

Friday, August 22, 2008

Babies R Us

Babies R Us is a scary place if you don't have kids. The people working there seemingly disappear right when you need them, there are 35 different kinds of each thing, and so many items off of your friend's baby registry is sure to be discontinued by the time you get there, even if she just registered a few weeks ago.

I was in there yesterday trying to buy my friend's gift. The idea was to buy one big ticket item (her high chair) plus her baby tub filled with lots of the small stuff that no one had bought yet. Boy was it frustrating! I figured out their numbered/color coded system pretty quickly, but you would think the aisles are in order of number right? Wrong. The infant care aisle 2 was next to 15, and it just got worse from there. At one point I was looking for a 3 pack of burping towels (happy I don't have kids jsut yet) and my friend had registered for some by koala baby with little bears on them. Of course they were not in the section with all the other burp cloths. Nope, they were with all the bibs. What gives? When I was frantically searching for the aforementioned burp cloths I got so frustrated that I just stood there and seriously almost started crying.

Anyway, I got it done in less than 1 hour... only about 58 minutes haha. I decided that since she is having a boy and she LOVES cupcakes I am going to make vanilla cupcakes with a raspberry blackberry mascarpone filling, in cute ducky cupcake liners with more of the filling on top and a little ducky icing decoration on that. Really cute I think, but with adult flavors. I will post pics when I make them! The plan is to make the cupcakes tomorrow, and while they bake I will wrap up the presents (I will post that too) and then on Sunday morning before the party I will fill and ice the adorable little cuppy cakesss.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Help! Dessert idea?

I need to make a fun dessert for my friend's baby shower this weekend! Something not too too difficult, but nothing plain like brownies. I want to impress! Maybe something in a mini form since it's a BABY shower?

Ideas please!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Grocery store shopping

I have been trying to spend less money at the store each week, especially since I end up throwing away a lot of fresh produce, or not having room for boxes of snacks etc. I started a few weeks ago and now spend less than half of what I used to spend ($75/week). I guess my eyes were always bigger than my stomach!

Now I spend between $20-30 buying mostly organic stuff, but even the regular fruits and veggies are more expensive than in other places.. for example our bananas last night were $1.19/lb, and I read on a blog that someone just bought some from WHOLE FOODS for $0.39/lb. where is this magical place? I will add that my goal is to spend <$30 for Monday-Friday because it is simply too hard for me to buy food for the weekends with my love PB in my life.. although I HAVE been known to stick a half used package of english muffins in my travel bag hahaha

Anyway, here are my tips:

1. Think out your meals in advance and try to use the same few items to make a few different meals for the week.
For example, last night I had pasta with ground turkey, artichoke hearts (from pantry) and sundried tomatoes (pantry) with a teeny sprinkle of feta cheese. Today for dinner I am making mini turkey, spinach (from freezer) and feta burgers on mini bagels with a sliced tomato. In only 2 days I already have found uses for the ground turkey I bought and the feta as well. Tomorrow for dinner I will probably make a turkey version of KEFTA, baked ground meat with onions + parsley, topped with sliced tomatoes. Then I will be done with the package of ground turkey without wasting it all or having to eat the same meal a few days in a row.

2. Don't be afraid to freeze food!
I made a batch of brownies last week as my cousin had her boyfriend over for dinner, but two girls can't eat a whole batch themselves (well, usually) so I just froze the rest in single serving portions that I will take out when the craving strikes. This leads me to my next point...

3. If a food you eat OFTEN is on sale, buy a few!
When the english muffins are buy 1 get 1 free I obviously take my free package, but there is no way I can eat 2 packages before they go bad so I simply freeze the second package! Works like a charm.

If you have any other tips, please feel free to share them with me!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Our Engagement Party! Part III

The blessing of the rings ceremony (at the beginning of the night. It makes our engagement official in the church)

PB dancing with the group

My Rhodey girls!!

PB and I... loveeee

Our Engagement Party! Part II:: The Fun!

The boys singing "my my myyyyyyy Sabrinaaaaaa"

Men's dance

PB + Best man singing (or pretending to sing actually)

PB and I dancing

The best man and I dancing during the vodka dance

Our Engagement Party! Part I: The Decor

Appetizer table

The bars

Table decor

Homemade love cocktail napkins

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Farro with Zucchini, beans and tomato

Tonight I made a nice farro dish. Farro is a grain that is similar in texture to barley, but looks more like spelt. It is used primarily in Italy (I think), but it is now easy to find in most health food or international markets.

It is super easy to cook with, and while it is as versatile as rice, it is also much nicer in texture.. chewy, nutty, and just amazing.

Here's what I made with it tonight:

Farro with zucchini, beans and tomato

serves 4 (~300 calories/serving)

200 g farro
1 medium zucchini, chopped and lightly sauteed
1/2 large tomato, diced
100 g cannellini beans
100 g red kidney beans
a bit of fresh basil
2 tbs olive oil
s + p

Cook the farro as per the instructions (about 40 minutes total between the soaking time and the simmering time). In the meantime, prep your veggies and beans.

When the farro is done, toss it with all of the other ingredients. THAT'S IT. It is really that simple. I enjoy it both warm, at room temp, and out of the fridge. The way I cooked it tonight it is really light, but if you want to make it even better, add some feta cheese, grated parmigiano, or fresh mozzarella.

It is a great recipe to make in the summertime when you want to load up on all of summer's best vegetables but don't feel like staying in the kitchen too long.


Friday, August 8, 2008

My love for Nutella will never end.

For our one year anniversary/backwards anniversary PB gave me some gorgeous flowers and a jar of Nutella. He sure does know how to win me over!

Anyway, I am kind of stressed out/tired/feel like I am getting a cold so I decided to cheer myself up with this:

P.S. Yes, that's my desk, and yes, I do have a huge ipod player taking up half the space haha

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My ring!

Just used my iphone to take a pic of my ring (which has been resting on my finger for a good three months now!!!)!!




I am really excited, can you tell? It is probably the coolest little gadgety thing I've ever had (I'm usually not into such things)... and I am in lovvvvveee.

And without further ado, the wedding song so far...


When I get really excited about the wedding I start singing this song... and there is a little jumpy dance to go along with it too, but I won't make you suffer through a video of that, it's a little crazy I'll admit.

Friday, August 1, 2008

The last of being a wing-girl, drinking like there's no tomorrow, and meeting weird guys.

Today I gave away the last of my independent, pre-PhillyBoy life. After college I started going out on a schedule... Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays. Like clockwork. My girl "LetUsLove" aka Looly and I had our scene, and we loved it.. Sometimes our petite friend would come down from Mass and join us, and sometimes she opted to hang with her bf (ironically, also known as PB). Those were some great times, some scary times, but mostly, fun and carefree!

While I still hang with my girls and have a blast, things have changed. I am getting married and therefore there is no more flirting, giving away my number, or partying until the wee morning hours. I am really happy about this.

I am not, however, happy about giving away my V.I.P. card.

A really interesting place downtown charges a $10 entrance fee, and being the punks we are we, never usually stay more than one hour and therefore HATE paying to get in. Since I knew the owners they gave me a VIP card that gets me and a friend in for free, and into the VIP area as well. I loved this card. It is the one thing besides my license that always made it into any purse, and I loved the cute zebra motif on it (srsly).

Anyway... back to the point. Today, I relinquished that card to my friend Hubbs. She isn't single either, but since I am moving to Philadelphia soon (< than a year.. eep!) I really have no need for it anymore.

Au revoire VIP card!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Strategy is Everything.

I have a chapstick strategy. I bet you are all jealous.

There is a chapstick in every prime location in my life. by my bed, at my desk, in my wallet, in my toothbrush drawer, in my fiance's bedside drawer, all the primo locations! That way I never have to suffer through the discomfort of chapped lips.

jealous yet?

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What's in my fridge?

Yesterday after work I bought the following from Stop&Shop to have for meals for the week:

2 ears of corn
1 eggplant
1 zucchini grilled (by me yest)
1 package wrap-itz whole wheat tortillas
1/2 lb sliced mozz cheese
1 red pepper grilled
1/2 bag leftover lettuce
leftover carton of eggs
1 loaf of pump rye bread
2 english cucumbers
1 package light multigrain english muffins
1 sweet potato
1 can black beans
lite syrup
1 package of kashi waffles (never had them before)
1 small container strawberries
3 single serving yogurts (1 vanilla chobani, 1 plain chobani, and 1 vanilla stonyfield farms)
4 bananas

In house I have oatmeal, pb, 2 small potatoes, 1/2 box of Kashi Mightybites and some other stuff that a pantry might have. Actually, all my cabinets are full right now, but I guess I don't make use of everything often enough.

How much do u spend on groceries/week? My new goal is going to be < $50 for ALL food from monday-friday including dinners out with my friends, but excluding Friday night dinner. the grocery shop above came to $39 and it is more than enough food for me, and I can even have friends over for dinner if I like (I think I overbought. I blame my hungry belly at the time).

Any tips on maximizing my $$ at the market? I always overbuy and underuse.

The weekend of weddings

This weekend PB and I went to TWO weekends, hence, the weekend of weddings. Both were super fun and very different! Here are a few pics of us!

Saturday's Wedding in Manhattan

Sunday's Wedding in Fair Lawn, NJ (please forgive the frizzy hair + shadows)

at the end of the summer I might do a post with a pic from each of the weddings we've been to this year, just to show how crazy it is!!!! PB's group of friends is just at the end of the marriage stage, and my friends are just started, so it is weddings, weddings, weddings! So fun!

Congrats to all!!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Zucchini Panino

Fact: Panino = 1 sandwich, panini = more than one sandwich

I was craving veggies + good bread so I decided to make a simple Zucchini paninO for dinner tonight, and boy did it hit the spot! Here's the easy peasy recipe:

Zucchini Panino
serves 2

1/2 zucchini, sliced lengthwise
2 oz sliced mozzarella
4 pieces of your favorite hearty rye bread (like the kind PB buys me in PHL)
olive oil or olive oil spray

Heat your panini maker (pm).
When warm, spray the pm lightly with olive oil.
Grill the zucchini slices for about 3 minutes total (3 minutes each side if you are using a regular grill).
Take the zucchini off the pm and put aside.
Spray the pm again with olive oil.
Assemble your sandwiches (1 slice of mozz and half the zucchini on each).
Put on the pm and grill for about 5 minutes until the cheese is nice and melty and the panino has those nice grill marks.
Put on a plate, slice in half, and enjoy!!!!

Yum! I had mine with 1/2 a serving of terra chips and a sliced cucumber on the side. it was amazing.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Happy Anniversary (Backwards!!!)

Exactly one year from now PhillyBoy and I are getting married! Yah! I am so excited!!

These are the things we have decided so far...

-I am moving to Philadelphia!!! Not sure about work yet, but I will still work for my dad for a few months until the office can run smoothly without me. It's not easy to lose 1 employee when you have less than 10!!!!
-We redid his(our) bathrooms! pics to come soon, I swear!!!
-I joined PB's church. My grandfather is a minister but his church doesn't really exist in the U.S. and PB is really involved in his so I was confirmed there 2 weekends ago!
-We are in love, we respect each other, we have very similar values. I can't wait to be his wife!

Wedding Details:
-Future Husband: Booked! And he's amazing.
-Ceremony: Booked! And it's a perty church too!!
-Officiant: Booked! the bishop from D.C. he's awesome!
-Venue: Booked!!! The Westin, baby!
-Flowers: Booked! Flowers by Semia. She is freakin incredible
-Band: Booked! Well, sort of. PB has the details worked out.
-DJ: No idea, but we don't want someone expensive, he will just be a filler for when the band is taking a break or we want a slow song!
-Dress: I bought it!!!!!!! Priscilla of Boston, and I'm in love.
-Bridesmaids' dresses: Picked, and they are coming with me to Boston in a few weeks to try them on and order yah!
-Photographer: Booked! LifeFusion. Marina and her husband did my brother's wedding and they were oh-so-incredible!
-Videographer: We have no idea yet. Someone cheap, yet efficient preferably.
-Engagement party: in a few weeks! Hosted by our parents, but planned by us. A little more work than I would have wanted, but I am psyched!
-Tuxes: No idea, but I just bought PB one yesterday so if it fits he might wear that!!! Gotta love SYMS!
-Wedding guest list: errrr, let's not go there just yet.
-Jewelry: I hope to wear some of my mom's jewelry to have something of hers on me. Semia suggested putting a piece in my bouquet as well, and I think I really want to do that. Any way to remember my mom will make me feel better I think.

I am really excited to marry PB and start our lives together. The wedding is just the topping on the cake (which, by the way, we are NOT having).

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Funny Things My Dad Says

My dad said:
"And they put their foot to the wall!"

He meant:
"He put his foot down!"

My dad said:
"square and fair"

He meant:
"fair and square"

My dad said:
"Anybody have anything that could go into the throat?"

He meant:
"Does anyone have any snacks?"

That last one is my favorite, for sure.

He is not from this country, can you tell? :)


If I eat a snack I wasn't planning on do I have to count it?

Because, er, I don't.

Thanks for the (unplanned) biscotti + iced coffee PB!!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Wedding Florist

So PB and I met with a florist last weekend to discuss our ideas for the wedding decor and such and let me tell you: I AM SO EXCITED!

I haven't been too in love with anything yet (we are getting married at a specific hotel only because of its capacity and location and not because we LOVE the venue). But. I am extremely excited to work with our florist. I hope that everything pans out with her and that the "vision" or whatever comes to fruition because in my head it is going to be so pretty!

And! It is a really big sign that PB is really happy about it too. And it is awesome that she was willing to rethink our quote to make it less expensive.

And... I am happy! :)

Monday, July 21, 2008



"Moving and dark objects are most often attacked."

I guess having tan skin + dancing around the pool = greenheads' favorite meal.

I know bugs are hungry, but why must they eat ME?!?!?

Had a great weekend by the shore with PB and my friends Hubbs and John (and PB's friends too!!)

However, I came home miserable. Why's that? Well, after a great 60 minutes by the pool (no time for the beach on Sunday), I went inside to find myself COVERED in bug bites. My friends? They had None.

I guess I must have the tastiest blood? Anyway, it was even worse all night. I didn't sleep and when I woke up my thigh looked scarily huge. I thought it might be from all the ice cream. kidding. those stupid bites swelled to crazy proportions.

I called my doc and what did she do? Prescribed serious steroids. I can't take those for some greenhead bites!!! So I am sitting here at work, suffering. BTW- what are greenheads anyway? Anyone know the technical term?

Major grouch today grr.

P.S. my flight from PHL-PVD was on time today, however I got a nice cup of hot tea this morning in the airport, put it down for one second, and spilled the entire thing. All over my dress. And my feet.

Friday, July 18, 2008


Today is PB and my "official" one year anniversary... here is how this date became ours...

I was on my way to Greece with my girlfriends and while on the plane PB and I were texting back and forth...He had just left Providence from visiting me for the night. This is the convo we had (I hope PB doesn't kill me for posting this!!!):

Wed July 18th
Sabrina (aka RhodeyGirl)(2:14pm): U made it?
PB(2:21pm): Yeah sweetie. Literally just landed.
PB(3:03pm): They lost my bags – f****ing US Airways.
Sabrina (3:05pm): No you're kidding! Did they find them?
PB(3:07pm): I am in their office now – nothing even came off the belt from my flight – I swear, these people are messed up.
Sabrina (3:08pm): No one got their bags?
PB(3:10pm): Other people did – they think because the flight is full mine got put on the next flight.
Sabrina (3:11pm): Oh no I'm sorry sweetie. I hate incompetent peeps. If no no liquid law u could have brought as carry on.
PB(3:12pm): I Needed to smell good for my special friend.
Sabrina (3:13pm): Maybe we need a better term than special friend.
PB(3:14pm): ☺ We do. What did you have in mind?
Sabrina (3:16pm): ???? ☺
PB(3:16pm): Ha ha no ideas?
Sabrina (3:17pm): I have one…
PB(3:18pm): I wanna hear…
Sabrina (3:20pm): I'm shy.
PB(3:21pm): That's ok ☺ You are making me smile – cause I feel like we are thinking the same thing.
Sabrina (3:24pm): Is it rushing too much?
PB(3:28pm): If you feel rushed, I don't want that. But I know how we feel when we are together – and that no one else is on my mind. I don't want you to rush anything. I feel so secure with us – the title thing didn't really weigh on me.
PB(3:32pm): But to give you a short easy answer – I personally don't feel rushed. I want you to feel secure that you have me to yourself. ☺
Sabrina (3:32pm): I want you to be mine.
PB(3:34pm): I want you to be mine too. It excites me more than it makes me nervous and it makes me smile. And I don't feel that way very often.
Sabrina (3:34pm): So?
PB(3:35pm): So you want an Armenian with a baseball booty to be your boyfriend?
Sabrina (3:36pm): Yes. You. Is that ok with you?
PB(3:38pm): Yes – more than ok. I'm honored and so happy. This has been so easy – and such an incredible surprise in my life.
Sabrina (3:39pm): I agree! I just got butterflies. Haha
PB(3:40pm): Do you know how happy you made me? This is surreal!
PB(3:41pm): I am waiting to wake up! haha

Ahhhh just reading that over again makes me fall in love even more!! I was so shy (totally not me) and we were just so... young haha. Is that weird because it was only a year ago????

Anyway, happy 1 year PB, I can't wait to marry you! (in one year and 1 week, exactly)

Rolls with Jam aka Crepes aka "omlette"

Growing up my brother and I (and my cousins) always begged my nonna and/or mom and auntie to make us "rolls with jam". They were our FAVORITE and seemed so special because they would make them out of a few simple ingredients in just a few minutes. Nonna always rationed them out to us (2/kid) so that my brother could have the majority of them (like, at least 6) since they were his ABSOLUTE FAVORITE. Nonna calls them "omLETTE" and we always called them rolls with jam. I made them recently for my fiance's friends randomly one night and they kept raving about them and saying they understood why he was marrying an Italian girl (and running so much to burn it off haha- 4 people ate a double batch in about 5 minutes!!!!).

Here's the basic recipe:

Rolls with jam
(yields: 4 huge or 8 medium ones)

4 heaping tablespoons of flour
2 flat tablespoons of sugar
1 egg
pinch salt
1/4 teaspoon baking soda
pinch of lemon zest
"approximately" 1/2 cup milk (add as needed to reach the right consistency)
butter for frying
powder sugar to decorate

apricot jam, or Nutella


* Mix all ingredients in bowl
* Heat non-stick skillet to medium-high heat
* Melt butter in pan (1/3 teaspoon for each roll, just enough to spread in pan)
* Pour an almost full ladle of batter into the frying pan and immediately swirl the pan to cover the entire surface evenly with batter
* Cook until edges loosen and bubbling begins (approximately 45 sec.-1minute- the edges will turn up)
* Flip. After about 30 seconds remove from pan and spread a thin layer of jam or Nutella over one half and roll up
* Sprinkle with powdered sugar
* Finally, eat as many as you can :)

- The batter should be realllly thin. Add enough milk to reach that consistency.
- If you like things a little sweeter you can add a capful of vanilla extract
- Don't worry about the first couple looking not right... for some reason the first ones are always yucky!
- If you don't want to use butter use SOMETHING (Smart Balance, etc) because it makes the crepe brown nicely and helps the batter to be distributed evenly (slick pan)
- Any kind of milk you have in your fridge is fine.
- Don't be afraid to adjust the batter after you see the first couple cook.. I usually add a little more milk if the crepe looks a little flat.
- Don't add too much batter to the pan. One small ladle is enough- you want these to be really thin!

My favorite classic combos:
1. Low sugar apricot jam (it has little bits of peel in it and is just amazing)
2. Nutella + banana slices
3. Nutella on its own
4. Orange marmalade
5. Strawberry preserves (not my favorite at all).

These really make a big statement when stacked next to each other on a nice tray and sprinkled with powdered sugar.. your guests are sure to love them!!!

Good luck, and enjoy!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My motivation is back....


I can't decide if it's the fact that I got injured or that PB and I got engaged, but I lost my motivation for quite a while there (engagement + injury happened the same weekend).. No, I did not gain any weight, but I didn't lose any either. I have been hovering around the same place, but I just feel... *icky*. I feel so much better when I eat really well and exercise at least 4 days a week for an hour each time. So, that's what I am going to do. If I lose any weight in the process, it will just be a bonus.

It seems that once I am on a roll I can stay that way, but once I skip a workout or eat a little too much dessert I fall into this habit of skipping workouts and eating desserts.

The tips are simple and straightforward:
1. eat what makes me feel good (yes, maybe a chocolate once in a while but I feel so much better with lots of fruits and veggies!)
2. Drink lots of water
3. Do some fun activity (running/kickboxing/etc) a minimum of 4 times a week, including 1 hardcore circuit.

The ultimate goals....

I have lost 10 lbs since February (going from a size 8 to a 4/6) but I would like to be a solid, loose 4. I know that numbers don't count and yadda yadda, but can't I have a goal? I know that if I lose about 5-7 lbs from where I am I will be at a weight that I will want to maintain for life.

Also, I would like to be able to run 3 miles with PB at HIS pace without having a near heart attack.

And last.. like KellyT (thanks for the inspiration), I would LOVE to be able to do on, solid pullup. I am close to it (I can do a few with the "help" on a 3) but not quite there yet.

I know just a few days of this will make me feel superb, and I can't wait to get there and then keep it going!

In other news...


PB and I are celebrating our engagement in exactly 1 month from today in Philadelphia! I am super excited! I have a really pretty dress (still need shoes) and as of right now about 93 people have RSVPed yes! It is going to be a blast! Our friends are DJing it and we are renting a margarita machine to go alone with our lemon/lime look. It has been such fun planning it (no stress as it's just the engagement party) and I can't wait! I bought the cutest stamp that says "all you need is love" in this cute writing and I stamped all of the cocktail napkins with is. Also I bought pretty citrus orange and lime green fabric ribbon in cute designs and PB and I tied them around the silverware (clear plastic) and big yellow dinner napkins. After the party I will post pics for sure!!!!

life with PB

PB has been here since Friday and is here until tomorrow afternoon, then I fly down with some friends on Friday to go to the shore for the weekend which = the first time we will have spent an entire week together (7 days in a row). It is so fun!!!! Last night we went to the market, he worked at home while I cooked, we had a nice dinner, watched some tv and did engagement party stuff. It is so cool to get to see him like that!!! I can't wait to be married.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

A surprise ruined

I couldn't mention it on here because PB reads, BUT... I was PLANNING on surprising him in Philly yesterday for dinner, then flying back in the morning.

I bet you think I am going to rave about how fun it was to surprise him and yadda yadda, but it did not happen. I got to the airport and all was well. My hair was blowdried nicely, I was wearing a cute dress, and I had his gifts. Then the delays began, due to weather in Philly. First a one hour delay, then 2... still I waited. I thought better a quick dinner than none. Finally we boarded the plane, and took a tour of the tarmac... go to ANOTHER gate, and get told to get off the plane as we won't be leaving yet. Wait another hour when they say it will be two more hours for an update, not even a departure time. That's when I started crying in front of the flight attendants. How mortifying. I called my dad, and he picked me up. And thank goodness I did.

Late last night I called SW just to find out what happened to that flight (as I was so devastated that I couldn't surprise my boy!). Turns out they took off and then the weather was so bad and the airport so backed up that they had to go straight to Pittsburgh, leaving the Philly passengers stuck until this morning. Therefore, I made the right decision to go home.

At least I tried. :(

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Happy Birthday PhillyBoy!!!

PB turns 29 today!! Happy Birthday! I love you!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Turning into my mom (it's a good thing)

I just wrote a whole long post about my mom, decided it would make me too sad to reread later, and deleted it.

Instead, I will tell you the story of how my parents met!

My auntie Daniela was dating my Amo (arabic for Uncle) Victor. Victor lived in the states while Daniela lived in Trieste, Italy. He wanted my aunt to meet him in Milano for a couple of days while he was on business, but she wasn't allowed to go unless she brought my mom (Alessandra). So! Victor decided to bring one of his brothers with him to keep my mom company (plus my dad needed some new Italian suits!). The day the sisters were to arrive, my dad (victor's brother) was getting a haircut in the hotel salon. He saw a beautiful woman with long blonde hair walk in, and he said to himself "if that is the woman I have to entertain for the next few days, I am going to marry her!"

Anyway, that night he discovered that it was, in fact, her!! They hit it off immediately. At the end of the evening my dad wanted to keep talking to my mom to get to know her, so he asked my aunt if he could take my mom out to a cafe down the street. My aunt said NO! There was a bar in the hotel and so she told him that they could sit right there and talk as long as they wanted. So they did. By the end of the night they were in love and wanted to get married. I am not joking.

The next day my dad bought my mom a promise ring. They were all walking around and my mom pointed to a ring, saying it was beautiful, and my dad went in and bought it for her. I still have it. They extended their trip a few more days, and always said it was the most magical week all four of them have ever had.

It truly was a story of love at first sight.

Friday, June 27, 2008


What did you think I was going to POST A PICTURE OF IT?!? No way!! PB reads this, guys!!


Went shopping with my aunt (my mom's sister), my nonna, and my aunt who is in town and leaving today. We had two appointments to try on dress, and we went to the nicer place first. I took three dresses into the room, and the first one I tired on was the perfect one. I never thought I would be sappy or girly and be giggly about my dress, but seriously, I am!!! I love it so much!!! It is so so so so beautiful!

AND we found the bridesmaids dresses too! And since we are buying everything there we are getting a 15% discount on them!

I can't wait to marry PB in that dress, party all night, and then live happily ever after!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Contractor Communication

Is there any point to talking to our contractor every day if I can't understand what he is saying? It has been a hard few weeks trying to design PB's bathrooms(one day mine too) for the big renovation project. Anyway, we are now almost at the finish line for the guest bathroom (all that's left is tiling, grouting, adding light fixtures and other fixtures) and so the contractor and I have become bff's.

It's 8:44 AM and he just called me to tell me the grout color I picked (online, without seeing it or comparing it to the tile in person) is not only a teeny bit yellow but is a special order so he will buy a different one if that's ok? That's all I understood. The conversation lasted a solid 5-7 minutes and that was all I could deduce!

Why is it then that I insist on trying to be assertive and in control? I could tell he was asking my opinion on something so I clearly and strongly said "Sounds great. Why don't you do that" but in reality I have no idea what he said!

Anyway, this is the project so far...


midway through the project:

you really can't tell what's going on but I can haha! the before pic is the inside of the shower (ewwwwwwwwwwwww) and the second pic is the new tiling before grout and before painting the wall beside it. Monday I am going to post the final before and after pics for your pleasure!

and a pic of Miami, just for fun. I like to call this picture "windy hair"

Monday, June 23, 2008

Sabrina's in Philly

Well, I just got back from another weekend with PB in Philly, and boy did we have a blast! We had another fabulous weekend together, but that story is for another day!!

Today I ask... Have you ever had such a delicious meal that you can't stop thinking about it afterwards?!?!

On Saturday PB and I got up super early and he took me to Sabrina's in South Philly. This place serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, but is most well known for its breakfast! We got there right before the morning rush (which is the reason we woke up early!). I ordered whole wheat pancakes (yep, you read that right!) with strawberries and bananas and a small fruit cup on the side. The pancakes were AMAZING. Seriously the BEST pancakes I have ever had! I begged PB to take me again on Sunday but he told me too much of a good thing will ruin it for us. waaaa! Therefore, we made a deal to go back THIS Saturday! I can't wait!!


Friday, June 20, 2008


So, I work for my family. It's my dad's business, and all but 2 employees are family. Our office is an old bank that my dad bought years ago, and it is not some huge space. It is about the size of a pharmacy store (but 2 floors so twice the size). We all work as a team sort of, and we kind of just ask questions out loud as we chug along since we work in an open space.

That being said, why is it that I always have to bring my cell phone with me when I go down to the restroom? If I ever forget it I get this sick feeling in my stomach like something bad is going to happen. Am I scared of the lower floor monsters? Am I scared I might pass out in the bathroom? WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?

Am I the only one that has such weird, unbreakable habits?

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Engagement Party plans updated

church hall- booked
caterer- booked
app + dessert menu- still to be finalized
dinner- finalized
music- booked dj
centerpieces- lemons + limes in Anne's vases
tablecloths- borrowing
margarita machine- BOOKEd!
invitations- mailed out
dress- BOUGHT! yay!
shoes- still need
flight down and back- booked
disposables- ordered
alcohol- still to be bought and finalized
waiters/bartenders- lined up
transport for my family from hotel- arranged

it's going to be so fun! we have pretty much done everything we can do up to this point!

bathroom renovations started yesterday at PB's condo.
doing our registry this sat. fun stuff.
other wedding stuff- waiting for response from westin for contract!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

When I knew PB was *The One*

Last summer I went to Greece with my girlfriends... it was only a month after PB and I met, and he sent me off with a nice bag full of snacks, books, and a journal. I wrote all about my trip in that journal and when I am in the mood to write I still use it....

On that trip on July 23, 3007 I wrote this:

"I can't get (PB) out of my head. I really like him and I know it might be crazy to say this but I think he might be the One. I can seriously see a future with him, and my heart smiles just thinking about him."

And now I spend my days thinking about our wedding and our future together....


Monday, June 16, 2008

We met one year ago today...

Happy Anniversary Nadine + Dave! Thank you for inviting both PB and I to your wedding so we could meet!!! Best day of my life. I will never forget your anniversary!

Today marks exactly one year that PB and I have known one another! Yay! I am so happy!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

What a difference a year makes

July 2007, in Greece

June 2008, in Providence

More exercise, better food choices, love, and sleep have helped me lose > 10 lbs!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Want to make a donation to a worthy cause but are tight on money? (and therefore want to get something else out of it besides the good feeling of helping someone?) There are lots of charities that help you do that!

My favorite is for the Special Olympics of Rhode Island, to which I make a donation every year. I LOVE magazines but I always feel guilty subscribing to them. The Special Olympics of R.I. sells magazine subscriptions at a very low rate, and 12.5% of the cost goes to helping them train! Last year alone they raised $7,000!

Anyway, I just signed up for Cooking Light and National Geographic. I would have spent that $79.90 on something else anyway, so might as well let part of that go to helping my fellow Rhode Islanders!

I encourage all you magazine subscribers to do something similar! You get a great rate, PLUS some of your money helps some organization (google your local area for groups that are involved in this.. I googled "donation + magazine + subscription" and got lots of hits for different charities!)

Monday, June 9, 2008

Follow up to Monday, May 19th.

On May 19th I wrote about my goals... here they were:

1. only eat when hungry
2. choose the healthy stuff
3. no mindless snacking (which started up after my injury- annoying)
4. Plan ahead!
5. Get enough rest
6. Listen to PB and actually take care of my ankle i.e. ice it, elevate it etc..

How am I doing following them? Not bad actually! I am choosing the healthy stuff but not being afraid to have the junk when I know it is all that will satisfy me. The mindless snacking has completely stopped (thank goodness). I am still having a tough time resting enough and planning ahead- I think after this last crazy week I will begin to do better though!

It has been almost 5 weeks since I fell and hurt my ankle, and I haven't gained a pound. Boy, does that feel good! I have also stopped counting calories for a bit to see how I do listening to my body in a normal, natural way. So far, so good! I felt a little yucky last week but that was just because I had too much fun in Miami!

Other stuff..
1. My dance studio is doing a company show in March, and I want PB to do a salsa number with me!! What can I do to convince him to do it?!?! (he is an AMAZING dancer!!)

2. My air conditioning in my condo is working again. A lot of cities in RI are canceling school tomorrow because the temps are supposed to reach 108 degrees!

3. Work is super busy and I have to leave early all week for dance recitals and I feel really bad.

4. I haven't been to the grocery store in about 3.5 weeks besides to run in for one or two ingredients. NEED TO SHOP!

5. I picked a date to go wedding dress shopping!!!! PB's mom and sister and my aunt and moh are going to take me in july!!! (everyone but my aunt lives out of state). I am really excited!

6. I am feeling really positive about my body now that my ankle is starting to feel a bit better. I can't wait for it to fully heal!

7. All of the food/exercise/healthy living blogs inspire me every single day, and for that I thank you all!

8. I have nothing else to say. time for beddddd!!!!!!!

The Saga of the Ankle

I think that the sadness I was feeling over my injured ankle has finally passed. It is still too soon to run or dance (wa, wa), but at LEAST I can (mostly) wear high heels, and I can do the elliptical without wanting to scream.

It is still pretty swollen and is not going down at all, but again, I am lucky to be able to walk and do the elliptical and wear cute shoes!

That's the latest update. I can't wait til I can run and swim again, hopefully soon...

and Wedding Season begins...

Friday was my cousin's wedding! We all had an AMAZING time! Here are a few pics:

my maid of honor (cousin) and I!!!

the bride and groom!!!

PB and I!

PB and I being silly :)

The cousins!!!

The weddings to come are:
6/14 Bri's wedding in upstate NY
6/28 Kristine's wedding in PHL
7/26 Jim's wedding in NY
7/27 Garen's wedding in PHL
8/30: Amir's wedding in ?

That plus all the bridal showers, bachelorette parties, beach parties, wedding planning, PB + RG family meetings (our dads have met but now it is time for everyone else to meet!!!), bathroom renovations, life planning, etc etc etc is going to = a busy summer!! I am SO EXCITED THOUGH!

Then this fall is KC's wedding and Julie's too!! I can't wait!

Did I mention I am seriously in love with PB?!? We had such a fun weekend!!!!