Thursday, August 28, 2008

Feeling penguiny

I miss PB SO. MUCH. right now. I can't even stand it. Last time we saw each other was our engagement party TWO stinkin' weeks ago! And that weekend was filled with family, friends, and the celebration of US so obviously I am feeling so very loving after all that. I can't wait for tonight or tomorrow when he gets here!!!!!!!!!!!

Things I am loving about PB today:

1. that the Buena Vista Social Club album reminds me of him even though we've never listened to it together. He always tells me about this one job during his DJ Trig days where he played the whole album from start to finish during a dinner.

2. that he doesn't get mad when I use my funny voices the entire time we are on the phone!

3. that he is working super hard today so that maybe, just maybe, he can come here tonight and work from my office tomorrow. That would be so super fantastic.

4. That he makes kick @ss pizza dough, and is experimenting with adding whole wheat flour to make it more Rhodeygirl friendly.

5. that he often sends me pics of his meals, just to show me a. how good they are and b. how good he is taking care of himself (no fried foods on his plate!).

6. that he loves me so much!!!!


HeatherBakes said...

That's so sweet! I'd say he's a keeper just from the pizza dough alone :)

RhodeyGirl/Irbas/Sabrina said...

heatherbakes- thanks! i would tend to agree :) the best part, though, is that he has been practicing with whole wheat flour which means i will want it even more yay!