Friday, August 1, 2008

The last of being a wing-girl, drinking like there's no tomorrow, and meeting weird guys.

Today I gave away the last of my independent, pre-PhillyBoy life. After college I started going out on a schedule... Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays. Like clockwork. My girl "LetUsLove" aka Looly and I had our scene, and we loved it.. Sometimes our petite friend would come down from Mass and join us, and sometimes she opted to hang with her bf (ironically, also known as PB). Those were some great times, some scary times, but mostly, fun and carefree!

While I still hang with my girls and have a blast, things have changed. I am getting married and therefore there is no more flirting, giving away my number, or partying until the wee morning hours. I am really happy about this.

I am not, however, happy about giving away my V.I.P. card.

A really interesting place downtown charges a $10 entrance fee, and being the punks we are we, never usually stay more than one hour and therefore HATE paying to get in. Since I knew the owners they gave me a VIP card that gets me and a friend in for free, and into the VIP area as well. I loved this card. It is the one thing besides my license that always made it into any purse, and I loved the cute zebra motif on it (srsly).

Anyway... back to the point. Today, I relinquished that card to my friend Hubbs. She isn't single either, but since I am moving to Philadelphia soon (< than a year.. eep!) I really have no need for it anymore.

Au revoire VIP card!


MizFit said...

wing girl :)

am I old or did you really just make that twist on wingman up?

RhodeyGirl/Irbas/Sabrina said...

yeah, I used to like to call myself a wing girl, but alas, those days are over hahahahah!

and I WILL take up your offer on recipe of the week or whatever, let me know when!!!