Friday, February 29, 2008

Errrr... just a Little Bit Cooky.

I kinda just realized I'm a little bit cooky... here are some of the reasons why:

-When I go to Philly to see my Philly Boy and we grab panini from DiBruno's, I always have to steal a handful of knives to bring back to RHODE ISLAND so I have enough plastic knives to cut up my bananas with at work (we can't find boxes of just plastic knives alone and therefore have tons of forks and spoons around but no KNIVES!)

-When I pass someone or have to walk around someone/something instead of just stepping around them I have to step-tap (as in bring my left foot to the other in a tap) and then proceed. totally whacko.

This is the one that really just put me over the edge....

-I am going to Philly today, and I am still too full from lunch to have my organic pureed pumpkin-fage 2% mix snack, but I KNOW that the second I get through security I will be hungry and will want it...(and dinner is not until 8). So, er, I just called Southwest regarding the specifics of the TSA no liquids policy, and found out that if my snack is in a 3 oz container I can bring it through security.. All of this info including the actual prep took about an hour. All for a little yogurt... (it is now packed in two individual teeny containers, then in the quart sized ziploc, and I have packed a paper bowl and a plastic spoon to mix and eat with)

So, like I said, I'm just a little bit... cooky.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Penguin snuggles!

This morning I woke up early as usual, fixed my bed right away as usual, took my usual shower, and headed into my room to get dressed. What a surprise was there waiting for me!

I looked at the freshly made bed and who was there snuggling in it?! My new penguin family!!! They have been SO domesticated that they are no longer used to cold weather and such great amounts of snow, so they just HAD to get into bed to get warm and snuggle up!!!!

How cute!

Happy Friday everyone!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Trashy hot

How do I find a "trashy hot" outfit in my closet when I come from a conservative, Christian family and have only classy clothes in my closet?!?! A 2nd floor Nordstrom dress just WON'T DO for Atlantic City!

So I guess I will dig into the College Bin. Or... wear leggings with a cute longish top/dress and hope it passes for cute, even if it's not "trashy hot".

Oh, the drama of picking out outfits for a weekend away!

In other, related news...

Every Thursday night before Philly I make the same list of scribbles on a junk piece of paper right before bed...

Ipod with headphones
Retainers (ew, I know)
Cell phone
Cell phone charger
Hair elastics

You would think by now (~8 months in) I would have this list memorized and wouldn't need to jot it down!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A New Family

When I came home from work on Friday for lunch with PB, I found a family of penguins greeting me at the door, looking for a home...

Each one had his own theme, and each one had a little gift for me... picture frame, flowers, a book, chocolates... what a wonderful surprise!

They asked if they could hang out in Cranston for a while... of course I said yes!!!!

Here they are, awaiting my arrival:

Weekend Triggles

Well this lonnnng weekend has been awesome!!!

Thursday night = my awesome tag team surprise
Friday after work = gym, dinner date on the hill, dessert at Pastiche (YUM!)
Saturday = 4 mile run, relax time, dinner and games with the college friends at Dave & Busters!
Sunday = SIX mile run!!!!, breakfast with dad, lounging, family dinner night
Monday = work, sneaker shopping, homemade dinner and fun tv!
Today = work (hopefully leaving early to enjoy the sun!!!) 4 mile run with my hun, dinner, and goodbyes :(

But boy oh boy have I been lucky!!!! about 5 days with PB!!!!!!! Like a mini vacation, or a bit more like real life. SO happy. I guess this is what it would be like if we lived in the same state!!!

Sometimes the long distance really stinks, but then I get surprised with little bits of extra time, and it makes it all better!

Philly/AC this weekend! He leaves tonight, and then I get to see him in just 2 and a hlaf more days yipeeeeee!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Un Regalino Per Me!

I just bought myself a little present (or 2.... ok, or 3!)

A realllly fun short but classy dressy dress for my date tonight!
A realllly fun short but trendy dressy/not dressy dress to wear with leggings!
A realllly fun simple black business casual dress for the spring etc!

SO excited!!!! And all of it was not only on sale but with an added 30% off!!!!!

My dress for tonight is ruby red/maroony, and it's SHINY!!!!!

can't wait!!!!!

They Teamed Up On Me!

Yesterday was a long long day, but boy was it AMAZING!

After a long day (gym at 6 am, then work, then Mzoof's to pick flights for Miami) I was NOT looking forward to dinner with my dad. He had last minute asked Mzoof and I to join him for an important "business meeting" with a potential new employee, so of course we said yes!!!! (even though I really just wanted to go snuggle in my bed)

I was already a bit of a grouch, and on top of it all I was a little bummed that not only was PB not around but he was supposedly on a long, important phone dep so I couldn't even talk to him!! So we get to the restaurant and after having a few sips of our drinks my dad headed outside to meet the potential employee and bring her back. Who showed up instead?!? PB!!!!!!!!

He and my dad had planned it all out so he could surprise me!!! Surprises are totally the best!! Especially for me because no one can ever surprise me- I ask too many questions! I was so so excited, and it really was a great way to end the day!!!!

AND! He is here until Tuesday!!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAY! Life is feeling pretty good right now- being surprised by a tag team of my dad and boyfriend = very very happy girl.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Privileged.

I never thought I would feel such jealousy. It all started in college... On the snowiest days I would hike out to my car, clean it off, and head out on my errands. OH THE BEAUTY of the garaged cars! They would be on the road taunting me with their pristine cleanliness.. no icy windshield wipers, no blobs of snow and ice cramped into every nook.

Then I graduated. Moved home, and I was one of The Privileged.. that is, until I moved out of my parents' house. Back to square 1 it was for me. After last night's nasty snow/ice/sleet/rain combo I woke up early to tend to my poor car. On the road to work I was yet again taunted by the beautiful clean cars, old and new, as I drove my ice covered Honda.

I guess life really does go full circle.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Rainy day

Sometimes I just get REALLLLY bummed about not living close to PB. I know that it is only a temporary thing, just for now, but it really stinks. I just want to wake up next to him, have breakfast together, go to work, come home, cook dinner together, go for runs on Kelly Drive, watch movies, have people over etc etc etc. NOT JUST ON THE WEEKENDS. Even if I had girls nights during the week sometimes... it would be great to know that at the end of the night I would get to see him.

Each week seems longer than the last.. waiting for the weekend.