Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Privileged.

I never thought I would feel such jealousy. It all started in college... On the snowiest days I would hike out to my car, clean it off, and head out on my errands. OH THE BEAUTY of the garaged cars! They would be on the road taunting me with their pristine cleanliness.. no icy windshield wipers, no blobs of snow and ice cramped into every nook.

Then I graduated. Moved home, and I was one of The Privileged.. that is, until I moved out of my parents' house. Back to square 1 it was for me. After last night's nasty snow/ice/sleet/rain combo I woke up early to tend to my poor car. On the road to work I was yet again taunted by the beautiful clean cars, old and new, as I drove my ice covered Honda.

I guess life really does go full circle.

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