Thursday, February 21, 2008

Trashy hot

How do I find a "trashy hot" outfit in my closet when I come from a conservative, Christian family and have only classy clothes in my closet?!?! A 2nd floor Nordstrom dress just WON'T DO for Atlantic City!

So I guess I will dig into the College Bin. Or... wear leggings with a cute longish top/dress and hope it passes for cute, even if it's not "trashy hot".

Oh, the drama of picking out outfits for a weekend away!

In other, related news...

Every Thursday night before Philly I make the same list of scribbles on a junk piece of paper right before bed...

Ipod with headphones
Retainers (ew, I know)
Cell phone
Cell phone charger
Hair elastics

You would think by now (~8 months in) I would have this list memorized and wouldn't need to jot it down!

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