Friday, February 15, 2008

They Teamed Up On Me!

Yesterday was a long long day, but boy was it AMAZING!

After a long day (gym at 6 am, then work, then Mzoof's to pick flights for Miami) I was NOT looking forward to dinner with my dad. He had last minute asked Mzoof and I to join him for an important "business meeting" with a potential new employee, so of course we said yes!!!! (even though I really just wanted to go snuggle in my bed)

I was already a bit of a grouch, and on top of it all I was a little bummed that not only was PB not around but he was supposedly on a long, important phone dep so I couldn't even talk to him!! So we get to the restaurant and after having a few sips of our drinks my dad headed outside to meet the potential employee and bring her back. Who showed up instead?!? PB!!!!!!!!

He and my dad had planned it all out so he could surprise me!!! Surprises are totally the best!! Especially for me because no one can ever surprise me- I ask too many questions! I was so so excited, and it really was a great way to end the day!!!!

AND! He is here until Tuesday!!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAY! Life is feeling pretty good right now- being surprised by a tag team of my dad and boyfriend = very very happy girl.

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