Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Help! Dessert idea?

I need to make a fun dessert for my friend's baby shower this weekend! Something not too too difficult, but nothing plain like brownies. I want to impress! Maybe something in a mini form since it's a BABY shower?

Ideas please!


MizFit said...

Id go to a baby store or PARTY PIG :) and buy bottle cookie cutters or pacifier cookie cutters or...

who am I kidding.
Id order something.


Emily said...

What about mini-trifles? Individual parfaits? In champagne glasses or something. YUM!

AllisonWonderland said...

What about mini cheesecakes? for my sister in law's we did chocolate chip,strawberry ,blueberry and plain. ( in a mini muffin pan) btw I'm Allison and found your blog through Emily :)

HangryPants said...

Have you ever made egg biscuits or ricotta lemon cookies? Both are good and small. Best of all, they have a white glaze that you could decorate with pretty colored decorative sugars. I can get you recipes if you want.


RhodeyGirl/Irbas/Sabrina said...

Thanks everyone for your helpful suggestions! I decided to go with a vanilla cupcake with a raspberry/blackberry mascarpone filling, with some of the filling on top with litle rubber ducky icing decorations (so like a ducky in water heehee). she is having a boy so i think it might work? and i bought ducky cupcake liners! i will post about it this weekend!

thanks again! p.s. heather i would LOVE both of those recipes of yours as I still have not successfully made either one of those!!!!! please pass along!

HangryPants said...

Sabrina, I will try to make them soon and post the recipes!

Can't wait to see your dessert. How was the dinner in Boston?