Friday, July 18, 2008


Today is PB and my "official" one year anniversary... here is how this date became ours...

I was on my way to Greece with my girlfriends and while on the plane PB and I were texting back and forth...He had just left Providence from visiting me for the night. This is the convo we had (I hope PB doesn't kill me for posting this!!!):

Wed July 18th
Sabrina (aka RhodeyGirl)(2:14pm): U made it?
PB(2:21pm): Yeah sweetie. Literally just landed.
PB(3:03pm): They lost my bags – f****ing US Airways.
Sabrina (3:05pm): No you're kidding! Did they find them?
PB(3:07pm): I am in their office now – nothing even came off the belt from my flight – I swear, these people are messed up.
Sabrina (3:08pm): No one got their bags?
PB(3:10pm): Other people did – they think because the flight is full mine got put on the next flight.
Sabrina (3:11pm): Oh no I'm sorry sweetie. I hate incompetent peeps. If no no liquid law u could have brought as carry on.
PB(3:12pm): I Needed to smell good for my special friend.
Sabrina (3:13pm): Maybe we need a better term than special friend.
PB(3:14pm): ☺ We do. What did you have in mind?
Sabrina (3:16pm): ???? ☺
PB(3:16pm): Ha ha no ideas?
Sabrina (3:17pm): I have one…
PB(3:18pm): I wanna hear…
Sabrina (3:20pm): I'm shy.
PB(3:21pm): That's ok ☺ You are making me smile – cause I feel like we are thinking the same thing.
Sabrina (3:24pm): Is it rushing too much?
PB(3:28pm): If you feel rushed, I don't want that. But I know how we feel when we are together – and that no one else is on my mind. I don't want you to rush anything. I feel so secure with us – the title thing didn't really weigh on me.
PB(3:32pm): But to give you a short easy answer – I personally don't feel rushed. I want you to feel secure that you have me to yourself. ☺
Sabrina (3:32pm): I want you to be mine.
PB(3:34pm): I want you to be mine too. It excites me more than it makes me nervous and it makes me smile. And I don't feel that way very often.
Sabrina (3:34pm): So?
PB(3:35pm): So you want an Armenian with a baseball booty to be your boyfriend?
Sabrina (3:36pm): Yes. You. Is that ok with you?
PB(3:38pm): Yes – more than ok. I'm honored and so happy. This has been so easy – and such an incredible surprise in my life.
Sabrina (3:39pm): I agree! I just got butterflies. Haha
PB(3:40pm): Do you know how happy you made me? This is surreal!
PB(3:41pm): I am waiting to wake up! haha

Ahhhh just reading that over again makes me fall in love even more!! I was so shy (totally not me) and we were just so... young haha. Is that weird because it was only a year ago????

Anyway, happy 1 year PB, I can't wait to marry you! (in one year and 1 week, exactly)


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haha cute convo!


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Awww, how sweet! You guys look so cute together!