Monday, July 21, 2008

I know bugs are hungry, but why must they eat ME?!?!?

Had a great weekend by the shore with PB and my friends Hubbs and John (and PB's friends too!!)

However, I came home miserable. Why's that? Well, after a great 60 minutes by the pool (no time for the beach on Sunday), I went inside to find myself COVERED in bug bites. My friends? They had None.

I guess I must have the tastiest blood? Anyway, it was even worse all night. I didn't sleep and when I woke up my thigh looked scarily huge. I thought it might be from all the ice cream. kidding. those stupid bites swelled to crazy proportions.

I called my doc and what did she do? Prescribed serious steroids. I can't take those for some greenhead bites!!! So I am sitting here at work, suffering. BTW- what are greenheads anyway? Anyone know the technical term?

Major grouch today grr.

P.S. my flight from PHL-PVD was on time today, however I got a nice cup of hot tea this morning in the airport, put it down for one second, and spilled the entire thing. All over my dress. And my feet.

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Simple and Divine said...

Hey Beautiful Sabrina!! I can TOTALLY empathize with you on the bug bites! Luckily, I haven't gotten too many this summer (knock on wood!!!!), just a few here and there while doing yoga outside! Usually, however, I get eaten ALIVE! Mosquitos are sooo gross!! Put lots of aloe on them and take an antihistamine before you go to bed to bring the inflammation down if you can! And try not to scratch! (Though that's like telling a dog to try not to lick their butts, hhaha)

XO!! Hope all is well with the wedding planning! I'm SO excited for you and I can't wait to meet you this fall!