Friday, July 25, 2008

Happy Anniversary (Backwards!!!)

Exactly one year from now PhillyBoy and I are getting married! Yah! I am so excited!!

These are the things we have decided so far...

-I am moving to Philadelphia!!! Not sure about work yet, but I will still work for my dad for a few months until the office can run smoothly without me. It's not easy to lose 1 employee when you have less than 10!!!!
-We redid his(our) bathrooms! pics to come soon, I swear!!!
-I joined PB's church. My grandfather is a minister but his church doesn't really exist in the U.S. and PB is really involved in his so I was confirmed there 2 weekends ago!
-We are in love, we respect each other, we have very similar values. I can't wait to be his wife!

Wedding Details:
-Future Husband: Booked! And he's amazing.
-Ceremony: Booked! And it's a perty church too!!
-Officiant: Booked! the bishop from D.C. he's awesome!
-Venue: Booked!!! The Westin, baby!
-Flowers: Booked! Flowers by Semia. She is freakin incredible
-Band: Booked! Well, sort of. PB has the details worked out.
-DJ: No idea, but we don't want someone expensive, he will just be a filler for when the band is taking a break or we want a slow song!
-Dress: I bought it!!!!!!! Priscilla of Boston, and I'm in love.
-Bridesmaids' dresses: Picked, and they are coming with me to Boston in a few weeks to try them on and order yah!
-Photographer: Booked! LifeFusion. Marina and her husband did my brother's wedding and they were oh-so-incredible!
-Videographer: We have no idea yet. Someone cheap, yet efficient preferably.
-Engagement party: in a few weeks! Hosted by our parents, but planned by us. A little more work than I would have wanted, but I am psyched!
-Tuxes: No idea, but I just bought PB one yesterday so if it fits he might wear that!!! Gotta love SYMS!
-Wedding guest list: errrr, let's not go there just yet.
-Jewelry: I hope to wear some of my mom's jewelry to have something of hers on me. Semia suggested putting a piece in my bouquet as well, and I think I really want to do that. Any way to remember my mom will make me feel better I think.

I am really excited to marry PB and start our lives together. The wedding is just the topping on the cake (which, by the way, we are NOT having).


Emily said...

Yay Sabrina (date twin)! I am meeting with Semia in August -- I think her work is amazing, even though flowers aren't that important to me, I want them to be nice!

Oooh can I see your dress? I would make other vendor suggestions, but uh, that won't really work :)

jessica maria said...

This post was so cute, and hilarious. I was smiling. Uh, "let's not go there just yet" = hahahahaha

Erica said...

"DJ: No idea, but we don't want someone expensive, he will just be a filler for when the band is taking a break or we want a slow song!"

you said "he", you know there are female DJ's right? :)

Irbas said...

Emily: My dress isn't on the internet yet, but as soon as it is I will forward you a link!!!!

Jessica: I hope I am not the only one having problems with this? It is just so hard to keep the list low, especially since PB has a crazy amount of people (even more than I do) too!

Erica: Ha! I knew that as soon as I wrote "HE" SOMEONE would say something :) You know, "he" is supposed to be used as the single third person when it is a man or when you are not sure if it is a man or a woman! not cool right? (grammar dork)

Irbas said...

p.s. a female DJ would totally rock.

Mr. Penguin said...

I love this post...I found someone who is just as crazy about lists as I am... :) Can't wait for NY and happy backwards anniversary!

MizFit said...

delurking for two reasons:

1. MARRIAGE ROCKS. it's the best thing ever and Ive been at it for 12 years (!!).
never thought Id get hitched either.

B. did a post this weekend about personal catch phrases----I. Must. Meet. Yer. Dad!

HeatherBakes said...

How exciting!!! And it looks like you are WAY ahead of the game in terms of planning, too. Congrats!

PS- Enjoy those wedding magazines... I've been married for 3 years and I'm still tempted to buy them.