Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Wedding Florist

So PB and I met with a florist last weekend to discuss our ideas for the wedding decor and such and let me tell you: I AM SO EXCITED!

I haven't been too in love with anything yet (we are getting married at a specific hotel only because of its capacity and location and not because we LOVE the venue). But. I am extremely excited to work with our florist. I hope that everything pans out with her and that the "vision" or whatever comes to fruition because in my head it is going to be so pretty!

And! It is a really big sign that PB is really happy about it too. And it is awesome that she was willing to rethink our quote to make it less expensive.

And... I am happy! :)


Emily said...

Ooo Sabrina who is your florist? I am meeting with one in a couple of weeks.

Also if you don't LOVE your venue, have you thought of somewhere else? How many people are you having?

Anonymous said...

ooooooo yay!

funny thing is i was dead-set on my ideas for centerpieces and now i'm totally switching my idea and have another meeting in a few weeks... haha... and it's odd for me b/c i am usually firm in my ideas :) oh well!

Anonymous said...

Florals is one of the BEST PARTS! YAY!!!

ashley said...

I love hearing about all of this! I know it is going to be gorgeous! Show us pictures when you get visuals?? :)