Monday, June 9, 2008

Follow up to Monday, May 19th.

On May 19th I wrote about my goals... here they were:

1. only eat when hungry
2. choose the healthy stuff
3. no mindless snacking (which started up after my injury- annoying)
4. Plan ahead!
5. Get enough rest
6. Listen to PB and actually take care of my ankle i.e. ice it, elevate it etc..

How am I doing following them? Not bad actually! I am choosing the healthy stuff but not being afraid to have the junk when I know it is all that will satisfy me. The mindless snacking has completely stopped (thank goodness). I am still having a tough time resting enough and planning ahead- I think after this last crazy week I will begin to do better though!

It has been almost 5 weeks since I fell and hurt my ankle, and I haven't gained a pound. Boy, does that feel good! I have also stopped counting calories for a bit to see how I do listening to my body in a normal, natural way. So far, so good! I felt a little yucky last week but that was just because I had too much fun in Miami!

Other stuff..
1. My dance studio is doing a company show in March, and I want PB to do a salsa number with me!! What can I do to convince him to do it?!?! (he is an AMAZING dancer!!)

2. My air conditioning in my condo is working again. A lot of cities in RI are canceling school tomorrow because the temps are supposed to reach 108 degrees!

3. Work is super busy and I have to leave early all week for dance recitals and I feel really bad.

4. I haven't been to the grocery store in about 3.5 weeks besides to run in for one or two ingredients. NEED TO SHOP!

5. I picked a date to go wedding dress shopping!!!! PB's mom and sister and my aunt and moh are going to take me in july!!! (everyone but my aunt lives out of state). I am really excited!

6. I am feeling really positive about my body now that my ankle is starting to feel a bit better. I can't wait for it to fully heal!

7. All of the food/exercise/healthy living blogs inspire me every single day, and for that I thank you all!

8. I have nothing else to say. time for beddddd!!!!!!!


Kelly O said...

Glad to hear all your good stuff! Keep it up!!

romina said...

Your plan sounds great. I need to listen to my body more often. I eat ALL the time!! It's worse when I'm at home during the day and the fridge and pantry are just sitting there... asking to be opened.

Anonymous said...

congrats on the goals :) awesome job!!

it is super hot here too & schools are closing, if only work closed!

Anonymous said...

Great job keeping up the good work. Mindless snacking is the bane of my existance. I'd be so hot if I could stop shoving my face ( I tell myself. lol!). YAY for wedding dress shopping!!!

Irbas said...

thanks everyone!!!

And.. katie.. thanks for saving me with the little critters! you are a life saver!