Friday, June 27, 2008


What did you think I was going to POST A PICTURE OF IT?!? No way!! PB reads this, guys!!


Went shopping with my aunt (my mom's sister), my nonna, and my aunt who is in town and leaving today. We had two appointments to try on dress, and we went to the nicer place first. I took three dresses into the room, and the first one I tired on was the perfect one. I never thought I would be sappy or girly and be giggly about my dress, but seriously, I am!!! I love it so much!!! It is so so so so beautiful!

AND we found the bridesmaids dresses too! And since we are buying everything there we are getting a 15% discount on them!

I can't wait to marry PB in that dress, party all night, and then live happily ever after!

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