Monday, April 28, 2008

Half Marathon Tips

This is the big week! PB and I are tapering as the Half Marathon is this Sunday! It is finally here.. It feels almost counterproductive to run so little this week, but I know it is the right thing to do! It is making me feel kind of yucky though!

Does anyone have any tips for us for the day of the half and how to make it through strong and in one piece?!?! any and all tips would be appreciated!!!!


Anonymous said...

i never did a half marathon but i've done long distance bike rides... my tips are stay hydrated and fueled... i definitely take advantage of the rest stops to consume quick but good carbs like bananas, oranges, pb, etc... i start out the am w/ a bagel & pb too!

Gina D said...

you know my tips ;)

Antranig said...

We will be fine, penguin...Just need a good night's rest and NO PEANUT BUTTER!!!!!!!!

Katie said...

No tips...just here to cheer you on! GO IRBAS!!

Kootz said...

mm tapering is a wonderful thing. i think i tapered 2 weeks before the marathon and loved every minute of it.

tips? um don't get drunk the night before. that's not a smart thing to do... ahem

actually just don't change your eating patterns before you run... if you're like me and need to eat 2-3 hours before running then don't eat an hour before the race or you might get the flash. pee a lot before the race. drink water only if you need to i guess... depending on the weather

have fun! my god people always forget that aspect of running. for me fun is picking some girl that sorta resembles me and beating her. did i mention i'm competitive? no but really have fun... enjoy the 1/2 marathon race experience and swipe all the free stuff!! good luck!

Betsy said...

have fun and stay hydrated!!

i don't think i can run mine. :(