Wednesday, April 9, 2008

How our story began...

have I seriously never written the story of PhillyBoy and I?!?!?! I think it is such a good one too... but of course I am biased!!

Two summers ago I had to go to Philly for a friend's engagement party... she is from RI but her future hubby is from Philly. So my dad, bro, his fiance at the time, and I went! So at one point I went to go sit down and I noticed a table of 3 really cute guys. They were kind of checking me out but I just kept to my business (texting like crazy with my then bf who was at a wedding back home). Then.... two of the guys got up, leaving me and this one guy sitting a table away in each other's line of sight (talk about AWKWARD). So anyway, he ended up coming over to me and we chatted for a looong time. He never asked me for my number or anything though! I was like, weird I totally thought he was flirting? Anyway, that was that, I went back to little Rhodey and went on with my life. (note: I found out later a few things.... 1. he had his DE bar exam that Monday so he was totally sober, totally stressing, and was just stopping by the party out of respect for the couple 2. his friends got up because he was being too lame to get up and talk to me, therefore forcing him into the situation 3. his friends teased him for the entire next year for not "sealing the deal" and getting my number).

So fast forward to this couple's wedding day... I had sort of remembered PhillyBoy but I didn't remember his name or what he looked like, mostly I just remembered that he had awesome eyes and had talked my ear off. Anyway... I was sitting next to my sister-in-law at the church (my brother and her had gotten married that dec!) and there was this really hot altar server I kept staring at during the mass (I felt seriously guilty for staring btw). I kept pinching my sister-in-law and whispering to her that it was so unfortunate that the hot guy on the altar was becoming a priest because he was sooooooo hot (I didn't know that in the Armenian church altar servers are adults and therefore had assumed he was a priest-in-training haha!) I pinched her a ton of times during church (totally inappropriate)

At the cocktail hour I see church boy with a stiff drink in his hand and he nods at me with this kind of cocky nod and says "Sabrina, right?" with this hugeeee smile! It was PB! A couple of minutes of awkward convo and we found out we were going to be seated at the same table (coincidence or planned, I still do not know!) so of course I was excited by then!

When I got to my table there were only a couple of people seated so I sat and coyly put my purse at the seat on the left and my placecard at the seat on the right (psycho move, I know....). PB's cousin came and asked to sit next to me, then his friend T did the same, leaving no room for PB! T offered me a drink, and right after he got up to get me one PB sashayed on over, picked up T's pacecard and said "who is sitting here? T? (tossed it to the next seat and said) he'll understand!" (what a punk!!!!)

So that was that... We TOTALLY hit it off and danced/chatted the night away... at the end of the night he wanted to go out for breakfast but all the places in RI close at 2 (at least the good places) so I rounded up my cousins to meet up at my condo for a late night snack (I wouldn't go to my condo alone with him, didn't want to give him the wrong idea- it was honestly just that RI late night spots close early!!!!). We all had snacks, then at like 4:30 in the morning I drove him back to the hotel where the wedding had been. It was such a fun night.

And so my love/hate relationship with Southwest was born..... oh, whoops, I guess I should say.... and our love story began.....

here's a pic from that first night... don't we just look meant to be?


jessica maria said...

aw that's such a cute story! see, people who were meant to be meet before they actually get together......weee!

Robin said...

That's the cutest story!

I was looking through your archives I can't believe you were at a fundraiser with Trump.

In your post to another reader today about exercise you said that you will exercise even if you are hungry. This sounds stupid, but how? That's my problem, I am too hungry after work to go.

Irbas said...

Jessica- yay for us! I still can't believe I've never written about our story before, as I find it to be quite entertaining hahaha

Robin- well, what I meant is that I am not actually hungry, I just think I am because it feels like it is time to eat... I have a snack at 3 so that at 5:15 I am not starving yet, just a little bit hungry... I wouldn't want to run and then not be able to eat something because I had my dinner before, so I just suck it up and run.. then get to enjoy my dinner so much more.. hope that helps?