Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Addicted to Scrabulous!

Does anyone have Facebook? There is a new application called "Scrabulous" which is- you guessed it- an online version of Scrabble. You can play any of your friends!

PhillyBoy and I ran games allll day yesterday! Whenever we had a break from work we would take our turn and let the other one know it was their turn. I lost of course, as it was one of my first times playing.. but I will beat him soon enough!



Kelly T. said...

i love scrabble!
my Bf and I play everytime we go on a trip. I always win of course.
My life goal is to able to put down "zygote" in a game

romina said...

Omg!! I'm addicted to Scrabulous too!! I can't get enough. I have at least 8 games going on right now.