Monday, April 21, 2008

Menu Planning Mondays!

After seeing others do this in the blogworld I am going to try it too! Let's see if I can keep up!

Monday: Grilled chicken and asparagus. veggie filled salad
Tuesday: grilled salmon, risotto with peas and mushrooms, steamed spinach
Wednesday: leftovers from Tuesday's dinner
Thursday: WF tuna and avocado roll. WF salad bar
Friday: pizza and salad Fridays with PhillyBoy

Check out other delicious weekly menus here:


Antranig said...

What about your request to amend Pizza Fridays?

Kelly T. said...

risotto. i must admit Im too intimidated to try it.
Let us know how it turns out!

Irbas said...

Antranig: I like pizza Fridays, we just need to find a better dough base! and more veggies on it! I'm happy to see you are reading!!

kelly t: how about if I post about my risotto, you'll post about tofu? I am so intimidated by tofu, but the boy loves it, and I want to learn to cook it! risotto post coming tomorrow.

The Housewife said...
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