Monday, April 7, 2008

He's gone.

It's just getting harder and harder. The goodbyes this morning really stunk! Two weeks apart before I get to see him again.... I miss him already and he just left!

At least we had an AMAZING weekend!

Friday night's dinner party was a success- pictures to post tomorrow.

AND! Battle Lemon winner is/was.... ME!!!! I will also post these pics later/tomorrow along with the menus!

Hope these two weeks fly by....


Simple and Divine said...

Awww :( This makes me want to cry bc I know the EXACT feeling and it' terrible. I get a lump in my throat that seems to never go away until he's back... So just know you're not the only one, sweetpea. Feel better!! *Blogsphere Hug*

Irbas said...


i guess it feels better to know i am not alone... it sucks for all of us long distancers!

Leigh said...

Hi, I just clicked on your name from Kath's. You said that you get to work at 7am! I will be starting work next year and am wondering what time you get up and go to bed to get to work on time?

How do you fit in exercising and packing lunch, etc? I imagine exercising before is too early, but I am always so tired at night! Where do you work that requires 7am- that's crazy! Sorry for all the questions!

Irbas said...


I work for an international company so we have to be here kind of early to be able to speak with our customers.

On days I am not exercising in the morning I go to bed around 10, and wake up at 6.. I am pretty low maintenance so I shower, blow out my hair and head out by 6:30/6:45. I live close to my office. I pack my lunch at night while I am making dinner, and on Sun or Mon nights I try to pack as much as I can ahead of time for the week (i.e. I make a batch of oatmeal to bring to work- i eat my breakfast at the office. I measure and pack bags of baby carrots for the week etc).

If I am working out after work I go ASAP after I leave the office which = rushing home, changing and heading out the door before I can change my mind. A lot of times I run outside because the 10 minute to and from the gym is just a waste of time when I am tired or busy!

If I am working out in the morning I get into bed at 9 and wake up at 5 something... but on those days I don't go into the office until 7:30 or 8.

I definitely try to pack easy lunches or leftovers for lunch to save time, and doing my food shopping and some prep on the weekend definitely helps. It seems overwhelming at times, but then I realize that packing my lunch only REALLY takes like 10 minutes, and that is worth it for a wholesome, tasty, energizing meal at work.

oooohhh.. also! I have no life during the week... but I am doing things i love (cooking/running/ teaching dance/working) so that is ok with me!