Tuesday, April 1, 2008

In honor of April Fool's Day, I will tell you this story.

PhillyBoy kept a diary for a long time growing up, and wrote in it faithfully every single day. Being the organized guy he is, every day had the same format: He gave each day a percentage rating, and ended each entry with Goodbye!

A few months ago we came across his box of old diaries, and he allowed me to read them. Well, boy oh boy was he a cute kid!

Sometime in March of his 11th? 10th? year his poor guinea pig Curly died. PB was so sad. That day had one of his lowest ratings (80%- such an optimist!) and he said his day was only bad because Curly died and he was sad. He continued by asking "Why did God have to do this? What is this, out with the old, in with the new? Why did Curly have to $%^&$ #$%^&&*^$# die?" (prob all the curse words he knew). Poor kid. Felt so bad for him.

I only felt more sad for him when I read his entry for April 1st of that year.

It read something like... "100%. Today was a great day. My parents got me another guinea pig and I named him Spike. APRIL FOOLS!" The poor guy was so sad about missing his guinea pig that he april foolsed his OWN DIARY!

The poor little guy.... I wonder if he ever recovered from losing Curly.....


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jessica maria said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA aw!!! that's hilarious, though.