Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Fried Ricotta Balls

Growing up my mom would make fried ricotta balls with raisins as a treat once in a while.. On Easter I asked my auntie to teach me to make them.. so recipe in hand we made a huggggge batch! Here are the pics from start to finish....

**The Ingredients**

**The Dough**

**A Big Batch Frying**

**A Little Fishie!!**

**My Plate With Some Strawberries**

**One of the Serving Platters**

**Me, The Chef, Tired, but DONE**

**A Bunny Who Laid Some Eggs!!!!!**

P.S. They are soooo delicious but way filling since they are fried etc but, again, sooo delish!
P.P.S. Want the recipe? Just ask!


Simple and Divine said...

This is so cute and I. LOVE. YOUR. APRON.! I've been looking for a cute one to wear when I'm in the mother country, and haven't been able to find one! Where'd you get yours?

Irbas said...

Thanks!!! My grandmother brought it for me from Italy the last time she came to visit us... I can ask her the company- maybe they sell them all over the world?

The Food Hunter said...

Adding raisins sounds like a great idea. Thanks