Thursday, April 17, 2008

Sunshine Run + PB Here + Accident!

PhillyBoy came into town last night (for Gallery Night tonight!).. he got in late and was hungry so after I fed him we went to bed = very late! it was SO hard waking up to run before work, but we did it.. not one of our best... 6 miles in 59.5 minutes ewwww. it's ok though, we were exhausted! we DID have a nice convo though, and the sunshine felt really nice!

I am going to take him to lunch at Cafe Luna this really cute place in Garden City (a small shopping center in Cranston)...

This morning when we were walking out the door (he was taking me to work so he could have my car).. I did the worst thing ever! I dropped my oatmeal! and it was in a glass container! I was so so so sad, but he cleaned it up for me and LUCKILY I had one more serving at the office! My day wouldn't have been the same without it!

That's all for now. happy thursday!

p.s. i am already all packed for philly this weekend!


jessica maria said...

Cafe Luna is amazing :) One of my bff's Kasia used to work there!

Cara said...

I dropped my oatmeal at work once, and only had a cliff bar to eat. Booo. My day was definitely not the same. Good thing you had a packet at work!