Thursday, April 10, 2008

Poor Little Squirrel!

On Wednesdays I literally sprint out of work, rush home, clean my tupperware, change for the studio and zip over to class so my girls don't have to wait too long (I teach dance 1 night a week).

Well, yesterday afternoon I get home and there is a squirrel in my roomie's parking spot, and a cat attacking him! I jump out of my car and start walking towards the fight zone and the cat rushes off- the squirrel doesn't move... I call my roomie because I don't know what to do, is he alive is he dead? and she tells me to toss a little stone nearby to see if he'll move. I do that and the squirrel (I named him Charlie) sort of hop hops away... his tail was all bloody! well, he continues to sort of hop hop every few minutes so I call the local police station who gives me the number for the EP (what does that stand for, environmental something but what?!!). I call them and they say it will be about an hour because their guy dealing with a situation.. I go to teach dance, I come home and still the EP hadn't come... and Charlie was laying on his side on a rock... dead. :( poor Charlie! I was so so so sad! None of us (my neighbors had come home at the same time I got home from work) wanted to touch him before to bring him to the vet down the street because squirrels are known to bite and have rabies, and we thought we could trust the EP, but apparently not... I didn't think I would be so sad, but I was... Poor little Charlie.


jessica maria said...

Aw! Poor squirrely :(

Simple and Divine said...

RIP Charlie :(

And (PS) this is the dearest post of all time. The end. lol
On a brighter note, I hope you're enjoying your thursday! And the next time you come into the city let me know! It'd be so fun to meet!
Linds from Love of Oats is here too so that's be fantastic!