Wednesday, April 2, 2008

April Fool's Part II

I made a calendar for PB's office. Note: He is a LAWYER, yet of course I put lots of funny pictures and some cute romantic ones (no smooching of course!). I made a copy for myself too, and every time I look up to check a date in April I just laugh all over again- seriously!

here is the April pic spread:

the pic on the left is from New Year's Eve and PB is making a really weirdo face. The pic on the upper right section is me pretending to be one of the copper monkeys.. but the best one, in honor of April and April Fool's, is a pic of PB's long ago desired replacement guinea pig... Spike.

Am I cruel for putting a picture like that in his romantic calendar? hahahahaaaaa

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jessica maria said...

hahahahaha that's great. poor spike.