Thursday, May 1, 2008

Happy One Year Anniversary!

oh, how time flies!

I have officially been not only a condo owner, but living IN my condo for one year! With a roomie too!

In honor of such a beautiful anniversary I thought I would share a couple of pictures of my bedroom, as it is today... *note: PhillyBoy's sutff is under the bureau :( It has no other home and HAS to go there boohoo!

A really bizarre thing to note... I have a few pics hanging to the left of my bed.. one of them is my mom, cousin and I... and it must have fallen RIGHT before I took the picture... which is weird because whenever something really good is about to happen something happens with that specific picture (not to be too spiritual in this venue but my mom passed away 7 years ago and I feel like she gives me lots of signs of her presence in different ways.. this is one random way)... weird. wonder what's coming?

Also... see the penguin on my side table? It was PB's when he was a little guy (little penguin? hehe).. he gave it to me! cute, ay?

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jessica maria said...

Your place is so nice :D