Monday, May 12, 2008

PB = ???????????????

PB and I just registered at.... what else? PB! haha!

I normally don't spend money at Pottery Barn because I love too many other stores but I just FELL in love with the Emma Collection there. I have been looking for a classic, beautiful white dinnerware set for a year, and alas, I have found it! And right in time to register! And my PhillyBoy says he loves it too! Hopefully, he is telling the truth!

I just did it online since we won't have time to go use the gun together in the store! Not sure what else we will register for besides the amazing KitchenAid mixer and maybe some linens for the bed and table, and towels. We pretty much have everything we need I think?

We could REALLY use a new bedroom set since his is yucky and old and mine is only a full (we will use mine in the guest room). But... I don't think it is appropriate to register for something like that! way too much $$$ We might end up doing it in the end anyway so we can get the awesome post-event 20% off!!!!

From PB we registered for:
12 dinner plates
12 salad plates
12 soup bowls
12 cereal bowls
12 teacups and saucers
16 mugs (we drink TONS of tea and hot water)
sugar bowl and creamer
water/iced tea pitcher
salt and pepper shakers
cake stand
serving bowl
fruit bowl
2 serving platters

Are 12 settings too much? Too little? We have TONS of family and I host parties all the time but I think 12 was a good number?

I don't want to ask anyone to buy me anything and I am NOT going to, but... well... I really would love to be able to buy all this stuff for 20%! AND if someone DOES want to buy us a gift at least hopefully they will find this registry!


jessica maria said...

you're already registered?!?!?! you could totally have your wedding by THIS july.

Antranig said...

Yes! Finally - someone tell her that we are in GOOD SHAPE planning wise and that there is no need to stress!! :)

Anonymous said...

yikes you are ahead of the game haha... i just registered in february and my wedding is in sept ;) good job!

Irbas said...

Jessica, my fianceeeee, and Lindz:

haha! We really don't need anything except new plates etc since we both already live on our own so I figured if I've loved this set forever why not just go for it!!!! It is one thing to check right off my list! and I can't wait to buy it all for 20% offfffffff

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Haha that's so cute-- PB at PB :o)

It's sooooo exciting that you're getting married!!!