Monday, May 19, 2008

2 Sardines in a beautiful bed?!

PB and I are trying to figure out how to decorate his/our condo when I move down there.. I totally LOVE my furniture (and it is much nicer than his- sorry PB) but there is one dilemma...

the bed.

When we get married we will obviously be sharing a bed. And I have a LOVELY bed. But... it is only a FULL. When I was doing my bedroom I didn't think I would have space for a queen and I didn't imagine finding PB, so I just went for the full.

Is that way too small of a bed? Will we be fighting for space and blankets and comfort? Does anyone else sleep 2 to a bed in a full?

We could just buy a new bed, but mine was custom made and I reallllllly love it. If the full is a no go, then it will be demoted to the guest room.



Mr. Penguin said...

Not that I have a say in this, but I say we start out with your bed! It's so nice - and since my place is a condo, a bigger bed might give us more room for your other furniture... We can always get a new one if it's too small (which it might turn out to be).

Plus, you can kick me out of your bed into the guest room if I kick too hard! :)

jessica maria said...

Sabrina! Jesse & I spent the first 10 months of our relationship in a TWIN bed. Surely you can do a full. We now have a Queen, but that's just cause I got greedy about my Christmas present. A full would totally work for you two!

arimcg said...

I think you'll be fine. My boyfriend and I sleep in a full and it's not a problem. I say try it, you can always upgrade if it doesn't work out.

Gina D said...

ditch the bed, get a king.

hehehe jk!!!! cam has a full, it's not so bad and def works! u guys will be fine w/ the full... for like a minute ;)