Monday, May 5, 2008

Sundays are the potholes of life. Half Marathon Results.

Is big, amazing news always followed by bad news?

So the Half Marathon was yesterday.... It did not go so well.

We got there early, waited in the horrendous bathroom lines, tied and retied our shoes, and were ready to go! It was downpouring, but we were there to do it! We started and went up the first hill and turned to the right. PB high fived me and said wow this is going to be so much fun! He did a "ring check" where I made sure my ring was still on and let it sparkle in the rain haha..

Well... about a quarter to a half of a mile in someone tried to get in front of me.. (I would like to add that he was a major jerk- he pretty much pushed me, in a way) I was only looking straight ahead... not to the sides.. I stepped to the side and... stepped straight into a deep, wet, pothole, and fell flat on my face. Yep, I'm not lying.. this really happened. I tried to get up, determined that I could keep going, but I couldn't even move. My fiance (=D) scooped me up and brought me to the side so no one would trample us... and the ambulance came (I'm still not joking)

Four hours later and I left the hospital with a sprained ankle, crutches, tons of abrasions on my left thigh, a bruised and cut up knee, and cuts and bruises on my hands (and I scratched the band of my engagement ring! :'( ) I am taking it today to be polished (and resized).

I am SO upset. About 12 weeks of preparations and training for what? A stupid injury from a stupid pothole.. It kind of said to be future husband.. This is what you're in for, baby!

P.S. It was so ridiculous that we were actually cracking up by the end, unless that was the painkillers they gave me? Who knows.

P.P.S. PB (my FIANCE) was so amazing! He scooped me right up like Superman and brought me to the side, and he really took care of me. He is so amazing, I am even more in love with him. (Sorry we couldn't do the race PB!!!!)


Katie said...

OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2) I'm so sorry about the half marathon...but on the bright side. You are going to have a HILARIOUS story to tell for the rest of your days! :)

Feel better soon!!

Kootz said...

hey whoever said running wasn't a fierce sport lie. ive been tripped during races, and am guilty of cutting people off during really tough xc races... i try not to do this during road races since not everyone is in it to win... ahh i sound like a bitch

also drafting off of people. yes during the half marathon i did in march there was a windy part by the water and I was totally on some dude's shoulder using him to block the wind. he turned around to me, and several others that had the same idea and was like cool you're effing using me to draft off of.

sorry about the injury. I mean at least it tested your future hubby's dedication to you. not that you ever doubted that but perhaps you can find the good out of the bad. take care of that ankle and get pumped for your next race!

Antranig said...

Wow - I like hearing everyone's comments!!! Definitely good to have some insight!!

Cara said...

wow that is ridiculous! At least you have a sweet fiance to help you through it!