Monday, May 19, 2008


I am totally inspired by Linz from loveofoats and Chandra from her many names, same blog blog haha!

Since I injured myself after the half marathon I have been nothing but a Moody McGee! Without my daily runs I feel lethargic and always have this weird appetite. I am not hungry but I have this weird feeling in my tummy and I want to eat everything in sight! It is SO WEIRD!

I am going with my best girl friend to Miami in 8 days and I want to feel good and look good- as I had been before my stupid fall at the half marathon!

So my goals starting RIGHT NOW are:

1. only eat when hungry
2. choose the healthy stuff
3. no mindless snacking (which started up after my injury- annoying)
4. Plan ahead!
5. Get enough rest
6. Listen to PB and actually take care of my ankle i.e. ice it, elevate it etc..

Even without the exercise I should be able to keep in shape!!! What's up with this bad eating these last 4 days?! I feel yucky even though I know I am still losing weight! I need my runs!


Mr. Penguin said...

My appetite always goes crazy during the change in seasons - so that could be part of it.

You can DO IT!! You can do ANYTHING you put your mind to - you have proven that over and over again. Just do the exercises that you are able to do that dont' involve your ankle - and you will feel like you have worked out. It's a little more challenging - but you can do it!

Maybe one of those rowing machines?

You have this boy backing you up and rooting you on, beautiful!

Anonymous said...

We are all starting a revolution :) We can definitely all do this together... and I'm definitely borrowing your goals and adding them to my list as well hehe...

Have a great and healthy Monday!

chandra said...

Yes! We can do it!! You have some great goals. I'll be here for support 100%!!

Anonymous said...

Good job! I need to be as motivated as you b/c even though I'm working out, eating has been out of hand. Thanks for inspiring me!