Thursday, May 22, 2008

Wedding vendors stink

Woah. So it's been 12 days since the girl at the hotel where our reception is has replied to my emails, and I had this bad feeling in my tummy. I called them, and the girl we were working with DOES NOT WORK THERE ANYMORE! oh. my. goodness. So no one has been receiving my emails and we are waiting right now to make sure they held the date for us still since we hadn't signed any contracts yet! ugh!!! So I am just sitting here waiting.... in suspense. We had already negotiated hardcore with this girl for cheaper prices on everything since we are having 350 people and a breakfast the next morning AND our rehearsal dinner the night before the reception. So now we will probably have to do it all again... as I am sure she did not leave on good terms. Had she left on good terms I am sure she would have emailed us to let us know who would be taking over.

such bs!


jessica maria said...

Oof! Sorry to hear that lady :/ I'm hoping this weekend and all my planning I have in store will go well...eep!

Anonymous said...

Good luck!!! You'll find that unfortunately there are tons of issues like this when it comes to wedding planning... just try to keep sight of the big picture!

Katie said...

That's awful. Sorry to hear that happened. Hopefully that's the worst you will encounter and then it will all be fine. :)