Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Ridding yourself of unneeded sugar.. forever!

A lot of people I know want to reduce the amount of sugar or sugary things they add to their tea, coffee, and yogurt. But, how? I have a surefire way to get rid of it all!

Story: I used to drink iced coffee extra milk, extra sugar, my hot tea with milk and sugar, and my plain yogurt with lots of honey and mix-ins. Now I drink my iced coffee with a splash of milk and once in a while a splash of sugar free hazelnut syrup, my hot tea completely plain, and my yogurt plain- with fruit, not sugar/splenda/honey etc.

How I did it: It was a bit of a long process, but totally worth it. All it requires is using a little less of the substance (sugar, milk, honey, whatever) until it is down to zero or almost zero. If you do that realllly slowly you will not even notice the difference, and before you know it an iced coffee with extra milk and extra sugar will taste disgustingly creamy and sweet to you!

Example: Hot Tea (since it was the hardest habit for me to break)
When I started drinking tea regularly I drank a cup of it with 2 teaspoons of sugar and whole milk. Below is my progression to tea without anything added in.
Start: 2 tsp sugar and whole milk
-2 tsp sugar and skim milk
-1.5 tsp sugar and less skim milk
-1 tsp sugar and only a splash of skim milk
-.5 tsp sugar and a splash of skim
-2 equals and splash of skim
-1 equal and splash of skim
-1/2 splenda (splenda was new then so I used it) and splash of skim
-1/2 splenda

Now if I have sweetened tea it tastes wayyyyy too sweet. However, I will say that with my yogurt once in a while I will add a couple of chocolate chips to make it more decadent.

If I could do it, you can do it too!


Kelly O said...

This is a fantastic idea,...I too want to rid myself of the sugar/splenda habit, more splenda now, but it is funny, now that I've weaned myself off of salt, I can so taste the salt in other things and its not yummy!! Great post!

ashley said...

Ohh, I am bad when it comes to this!

Thank you for inspiting/convicting me. :)

Kelly O said...

I'm back. I had my coffee this evening with ONE LESS SPLENDA!! working on it!!

Irbas said...

kelly o- nice work!!! you can do it!