Friday, May 9, 2008

Wedding Stuff Part 1 of a ZILLION!

PB and I have been engaged for 8 days! And, of course, being the virgo that I am, I have already gotten a wedding binder put together as well as lots of other stuff. We are meeting with the priest as well as the reception venue today, and picking out engagement invites tomorrow- We are on a roll! I think this blog will have lots of wedding stuff until we get married, because it is all I can think about!

The biggest things happening in my life soon are:
1. My nonna is coming from Italy and will be here Thursday! She lived with my family for 6 months of every year until I went to college. Now she comes for about 3 out of the year. I love having her around.. she is like a mom to me!
2. My cousin is getting married on June 6th! gonna find a dress tomorrow!
3. PB and I are having our engagement party at the end of the summer!
4. PB and I are getting MARRIED yipee! Next July...
5. I am moving to PHILLY! I can't wait to get married and live with my soon-to-behusband!

Lots of other stuff too for sure, but these are the biggest and most exciting to me right now!!!

P.S. I made inspiration boards for the engagement party and wedding but I can't figure out how to convert them to blogger friendly so I took a junky pic with my cell phone!!!

The engagement party is going to be at our (PB's) church hall in PHL. White tablecloths, heavy duty disposable plates, vases with whole lemons and limes, and homemade napkin rings (made by my future MIL and I!!!). The food will be Middle Eastern... kebab, pilaf, bulghur, grilled veggies, salad, hummus, olives, baba ganoush, and ??. Penguin Lemontinis! Buffet style. PB's friends are going to take care of music.

My inspiration for the wedding reception is the beautiful bird of paradise flower. It was my mom's favorite flower, and I love the bright, summery, happy colors. I love the memories that flower has for me. PB loves the idea too.


jessica maria said...

Aw, Sabrina! That's amazing :)

You'll be married before me! I'm gonna email you my private wedding blog....

Kootz said...

aww so cute. i think my inspiration for my wedding is going to be tomatos. seriously have you ever seen a basket of heirloom tomatos... the colors are so antiquated and vibrant.

either tomatos or bigmacs... i can't decide

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! The wedding binder is the best part!

Anonymous said...

ps - I need your email so I can answer all your questions, girl! :)
Those plates are from C&B...the grace collection. But my casual china is Emma from PB and YES! REgister for it! It's awesomely beautiful!