Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A reflection

As I sit here at work on a Tuesday afternoon I realize how much has changed over the last year. With the rush of Christmas and the new year with a long distance love I had forgotten to take a moment to reflect on what has changed in the last year. I rang in the last New Year's Eve with all of my brother's closest friends and family as he and my beautiful sister-in-law got married. It was a beautiful day and night celebrating a beautiful event, yet at the time I felt alone, like something was missing. Flash forward six months later and amid jokes of wearing the "perfect find a husband" dress to a friend's wedding, exactly that happened (oddly enough): I found the BEST man to spend my life with. He was right there in front of me, waiting for me. It's amazing how among all those jokes, the truth was actually there waiting for me...on the altar, at the cocktail hour, next to me at my table.

What a lovely surprise! So I look back and appreciate all the changes PB has brought to my life... weekends in Philly, weekends in Rhodey... a game of Ping pong each weekend, taking turns on who the winner is. Learning to cook, running with a partner! Finding out what I really love and treasure about my life. Having just as much fun partying downtown (or center city) as sitting on the couch playing cento or the Wii. Loving PB fully and wholly, melting just a little bit each time he smiles at me, each time he tells me a secret, each time he looks at me. He is the one for me.

So when I think about this new year, 2008, I get excited... I dream of the possibilities that this year in love will offer... and I can't wait for the unexpected surprises and twists and turns and smiles and tears and everything that this year will bring.


jessica maria said...

Aw. Love always bites when you're not looking for it.

The Dagger said...

so happy for you lady!