Monday, January 14, 2008

Guitar Hero III until the Wii hours of the night

A few years ago, upon being invited for a night of old school Nintendo (blowing on the game to make the work, using the genie to sneak through levels, etc, you get my drift), I remember telling one of my friends...."I am not really a video game kind of a girl"

Well, I seriousllllly take it back.

On Friday I bought PB the new Guitar Hero for the Wii. We both have become serious addicts. Friday night when he (finally) got in he, Mzoof and I set it up and learned how to play. After a couple of hours we called it a night.

Saturday day consisted of several hours of Wii with a trip to Verizon and an awesome jog outside squeezed in the middle. At night, dinner with dad then snuck back home to play more Wii. We found my cousin frozen in the same position as before dinner, still playing the Easy levels. Welcome to the crazy world, cousin. (Another convert to add to the list!!)

Sunday morning we awoke to thrashing dreams of beating this one battle we couldn't beat. Rannnnn downstairs and kept playing til we rocked against Morello. Then off for another run, quick lunch break, and yet MORE guitar hero.

I was really sad to see the Guitar Hero (and PB) head off to Philly this morning.

Back to the real world

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jessica maria said...

Woo! Game addiction! Jesse re-ignited my obsession with Tony Hawk this weekend.

Boo to saying bye. Always the worst. :(