Wednesday, January 2, 2008

the holidays

what a crazy crazy week!

champagne risotto, Wii games, panini makers, naps, work, gym, apples to apples, dreams, families joining together, diamonds, smiles, love, long drives, new books, tea, soup, snow, warmth....

it was an amazing week of nonstop fun and love.

now it's back to work for 2 days, then a weekend in florida!!!

According to PB, I should be awarded the Academy Award for Best Actress in a Temperature Related Drama. It is very very cold in my office today, so i have detached the hood from my winter coat and put it on. i look like a skunk, but i am definitely, definitely not as cold anymore. tomorrow i'll be busting out the 8 year old fur boots!


p.s. please note that i am not that dramatic and my lips are actually BLUE!!!


jessica maria said...

hahahaha! adorable!

yay holidays! have fun in florida :)

jessica maria said...
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