Wednesday, January 16, 2008

It's always a bad idea to go to the market hungry.

Last night I headed over to my local supermarket after work to pick up some majorly needed supplies... Even though I was starving I was keeping it semi-healthy: bananas, lettuce, peanut butter, oranges, eggs, olive oil, a new magazine, cinnamon rolls (for my girls' brunch this sunday! yummm), tomatoes, slice and bake chocolate chip cookies, balsamic vinegar.... grapes.

When I went to the register and the woman rang up my bunch of grapes it came up as $8.54!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No wonder it is so hard to eat well! Of course I just COULDN'T rationalize spending that much on grapes, so I sadly left them behind.


Grapeless in little Rhodey

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The Dagger said...

BAHAHAHAHA! great post. bummer about the grape price though.