Friday, December 14, 2007

the calm before the storm

yesterday at noon it was eerily quiet out.. the sky was silent, the air felt heavy... just 10 minutes late the snow was coming down hard- 1/2 in each in just a few minutes... we closed the office at 2 pm and drove home at a snail's pace. it took me 30 minutes to go 1 mile. took my bro hourrrrs to get home, same thing for my sister in law. the roads were sooo bad!

anyway it was just lovely to get snowed in for an afternoon.. painted my nails, watched junky tv (charmed, and i know it's bad, but im SO addicted), napped, and relaxed... all while watching the blankets and blankets of snow!!

i love little rhodey! (sorry daggers)

1 comment:

The Dagger said...

noo i love rhody too! i just don't miss the PANIC before every snow storm! haha i miss that place to death.