Thursday, March 13, 2008

Hey There

So I was going to wake up at 6 and do my run before getting to work at 8, but I was cold/lazy/sleepy/ so I decided to get up and go to work early instead (and run at my normal hour of 6 PM)! I've been here since 7 which means I can blast the music until everyone else gets is 8:15 AM and no one else is here yet- just the way I like it.

I always try to be the first one in because I can get SO MUCH DONE before the phones start ringing and my colleagues/family start asking me to help them with stuff.

Anyway, the playlist this morning is "2007 Summer" and man am I loving it! "Hey There Delilah" just came on and although the song was way played out last summer it totally reminds me of the days when PB and I were falling in love, and I was feeling crazy for falling in love with a boy from Philly, so far away from little Rhodey, and I would pack for 5 hours before going there to be sure I had just the right outfits to look super cute, and I would gossip with my friends all night about the cute things he did or did not do (mostly did), and could it be I'm already in love?!? (I was)

I love that feeling.

Miss him. 1 more day.....

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