Tuesday, November 20, 2007

horrible afternoon...

list of things that went wrong:

1. the woman i go to for a 15 minute appt was running 10 minutes late.
2. no payroll in the p.o. box although i was assured it would arrive today
3. purple goo all over my dad's freezer and spilling out of it- freezer wasn't working = me on my hands and knees to clean it up.
4. no unleaded regular gas at my favorite station! went to the next station, waited 10 minutes, then took 10 minutes to fill up since they had some weird pump system which of course i couldn't figure out
5. the snow turned into rain

luckily, get to see PB in 24 hours... the madness today is worth the smiles tomorrow!

1 comment:

jessica maria said...

laaaady! hope Thanksgiving is AWESOME today!! Yay for spending it with the boy. :) xo